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*WARNING spoilers*

So, I got to see Jurassic World.
Twice to be honest.
I loved it!
It made me tear up at parts, usually when the original score would cue in or when something big or sad happened such as the dying Apatosaurus.

There were plenty of homages to the first movie and even the third.
Ian Malcom showed two cameos but only on the back of a book, but still awesome!

My grandmother got me into this franchise when I was still in Kindergarten, I think I was 5 at the time. I was unable to go watch it at the theaters so she got it for me on VHS. She also got me Jurassic Park for SNES as well as a lot of the collectables and figures, which I would take to show and tell at school.
She left a big impact in my life.

When TLW came out we all went and watched it at the theater.
We were going to watch it a second time but the auditorium where it was being shown was down due to a thunderstorm.
Again my grandmother bought me things from the franchise and like JP I would not stop taking about it. XD

Then Jurassic Park III came out.  I know people didn't really like it but I guess I was an exception.
Being a big fan of the franchise I still loved it.
I still bought merchandise and still would not stop talking about it.

Between that time my grandmother and I would talk about a fourth movie.
Sadly she passed away in 2012.
My mom and I grieved deeply after her passing I hid mine, someone had to stay strong.

With all that said the new movie was amazing and brought many feels.

The characters were great.
It was too bad that Simon got killed I liked his character.
Owen Grady the Raptor trainer was awesome!
How cool would it be to be able train Raptors since they were hatchlings?
Their bond was close even at the end.

The Indominus rex has to be my new favorite monster of this franchise!
It's just so unique!
Cuttlefish, Tree Frog, Raptor and Tyrannosaurus make up this beauty!
Speaking of the Rex our old lady did not disappoint.
Though she did almost get killed Blue interfered.
Both combatted the iRex but it was the Mosasaurus who helped finish this battle.
If it wasn't for the Mosasaur I know the iRex would had been victorious.

I am so glad that Dilophosaurus made a small cameo.

My final note: Go watch this movie, you will not be disappointed! 10/10
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We do all things through Christ.
He gives us the talents and guides us through them.

No matter if your a good singer, good at playing a instrument, artist or what ever you are good at God gave you that gift and guides you through it till the end!

Thank you Lord for your countless Blessings!


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